HB Rings allow couples to listen to each other’s heartbeat

  • A pair of rings allows a couple to hear each other’s heartbeat while they are far from one another
  • The rings are created by TheTouch and are called HB Rings
  • Being connected to an app, all one needs to do is tap the ring whenever he’s connected to data or Wi-Fi

Amid distance, the most beautiful music a couple could ever hear is each other’s heartbeat. And now, this is no longer impossible — thanks to, TheTouch’s high-tech rings!

In an article written by James Gould-Bourn of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that a pair of rings, which is called HB Rings, allows a couple to listen to each other’s heartbeat, especially when they are far apart.

“The most sophisticated ring in the world. [It is the] result of 2.5 years development [which aims] to ensure hardware meets the initial design. Over 100 components are hidden inside HB Ring,” TheTouch wrote on its website.

All the rings come with a Unibody sapphire crystal surface which means they’re virtually unscratchable, and the rings themselves couldn’t be easier to use. The minimalist designs of the rings are made from stainless steel and there is also a solid rose gold variety available.

“Rose Gold, harder than conventional gold, more scratch and wear resistant. Stainless Steel with the most wear resistant coating out there,” TheTouch noted.

Being connected to an app via Bluetooth, all a person needs to do is tap the ring whenever he’s connected to data or Wi-Fi; and then he will be able to feel his loved one’s heartbeat in real time.

“Just a tap. Simple as that. See and feel the real-time heartbeat of your loved one wherever you are, without disturbing the other side,” TheTouch stated.

As of August 2, HB Rings are now available for pre-order at TheTouch’s website.