Hero Bautista admits: “I am a victim of drug menace”

  • Hero Bautista finally admitted he’s the councilor who tested positive for illegal drugs
  • The former child actor said he is a victim of the drug menace
  • He also vowed to return and join the war against illegal drugs himself

MANILA, Philippines – Quezon City 4th District Councilor has ended all speculations on Monday, August 15, with a privilege speech before the city council to address the issue that he failed the drug test conducted for local officials several days ago.

His brother, QC Mayor Herbert Bautista, earlier admitted in a closed-door meeting that Hero is the councilor who was tested positive for illegal drugs. Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte previously revealed the report in public but declined to name the councilor.

Hero delivered a privilege speech where he admitted he failed the drug test and also took the opportunity to bid his fellow councilmen goodbye, at least for the time being, ABS-CBN News reports on Monday.

“I rise to express my intentions maybe a month or weeks sa journey ko na ito. I am Hero Bautista now signing off. I am a victim of a drug menace,” Hero said, even as he vowed to return and join the war against illegal drugs himself.

He also agreed to voluntarily undergo rehabilitation.

He likewise defended his brother Herbert against accusations that the latter is a protector of drug syndicates in the city.

“My brother is not a drug protector, I am the protector of my brother,” he said.

Sister Harlene also expressed support for her embattled brother who is facing sanctions from the city council.

Earlier, Mayor Herbert Bautista said he will not intervene and use his influence in his brother’s case and he also vowed to send Hero to the rehabilitation center.

Hero earlier questioned the result of the drug test; saying the process was not reliable and conclusive.

However, Vice Mayor Belmonte argued that among the 37 councilors who underwent the test, only Hero failed.



  1. Hahaha, huli ka balbon! Batchmate ko sa UST ito 20+ years ago and it’s not a big secret na gumagamit ito at mga conio friends niya nun college…chongkee, shabu, etc. Impossibleng hindi alam ni Bistek ang activities ng utol niya unless he is that stupid…isipin ninyo kung gaano katagal ng gumagamit ito tapos naging councilor pa ng QC. Hindi ko alam sino mas high, si Hero o yun mga bumoto sa kanya, hahaha adik!

  2. Come to think of it, kung matagal na ito gumagamit shempre pinoprotektahan niya yun dealer niya, so considered politician na drug protektor ito pati na rin si Bistek dahil tinotolerate niya gawain ng kapatid niya. Dahil magpaparehab siya ngayon, ganun na lang yun? Dapat pareho ang hustisya!

    Ang statement ni Hero ay hindi dapat “I am a victim of drug menace”, it should be ” I am a WILLING victim of drug menace”.

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