Hero Bautista volunteers to undergo drug rehabilitation

  • Quezon City councilor Hero Bautista volunteered to undergo drug rehabilitation
  • The councilor tested positive for illegal drugs use after undergoing drug test
  • Councilor Bautista is the younger brother of QC Mayor Herbert Bautista

Hero Bautista, Quezon City 4th District councilor and younger brother of city Mayor Herbert Bautista, volunteered to submit himself to drug rehabilitation.

Councilor Bautista, a former movie actor just like his mayor brother, tested positive for illegal drugs use after the city council conducted an unannounced drug test early this month.

As mentioned in GMA News Online, Hero Bautista, in a privilege speech before members of the city council, admitted being victimized by the drug menace and announced that he will undergo rehabilitation.

“Ang drugs ay, sa Tagalog droga. Ang test ay, pagsubok. Sinubukan ko ang droga,” Bautista said during a session of the city council.

[Drugs, in Tagalog is “droga.” Test is “pagsubok.” I tested drugs]

“I am volunteering myself to embark on a journey—a journey of soul-searching and self-discovery,” he announced.

He then defended his brother who was criticized in social media sites for allegedly protecting him.

“My brother, as mayor, will never be a drug protector. I am the protector of my brother,” Hero said; adding “I am volunteering myself to embark on a journey, a journey of soul searching and self- discovery. Kumbaga sa radyo o TV [just like in radio or TV], this is Hero Bautista, now signing off – a victim of a drug menace.”

He vowed to return a reformed person after the mandatory six-month treatment and rehabilitation in a government rehabilitation center.

“On my return, to champion the advocacy of the victims of nefarious effects of prohibited and illegal drugs, pro-active measures and programs must be undertaken by government to ease the pain of the victims,” Bautista said.


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