Highest number of HIV cases in a month recorded in June 2016 — Latest data

  • The Department of Health disclosed that a total of 841 new cases of HIV were reported in June 2016
  • The latest data from HIV/AIDS Registry of the Philippines data showed an increase in the number of cases
  • It was noted that the number of cases in June 2016 is the highest number of HIV cases reported in a month since 1984

The total number of new cases of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that was reported in June 2016 is the highest number of cases ever reported in a month since 1984; a report from the Department of Health (DOH) disclosed.

“This is the highest number of cases ever reported since 1984,” said the DOH report; citing the latest data from the HIV/AIDS Registry of the Philippines.

It was revealed that a total of 841 new HIV cases were reported in June 2016; which is quite higher that the previous highest total of 804 or the total cases recorded in January 2016.

In addition, the June 2016 cases is also nine percent higher compared with what was recorded in the same period in 2015.

HIV cases

A total of 777 cases or 92 percent of the June 2016 cases were acquired through sexual transmission.

Most of the cases came from men-having-sex-with-men (MSM) population with 690 cases or 89 percent. Homosexual contact was responsible for 403 cases; followed by bisexual contact with 287 cases and heterosexual contact with 87 cases.

Injecting drug use accounted for the transmission of 60 new cases; while the remaining four cases were mother-to-child transmission.

A total 104 HIV cases in June 2016 have developed into full-blown AIDS cases. There was also a total of 63 deaths from HIV/AIDS during the aforementioned period.

For 2016, 4,643 HIV cases were already reported in the Philippines, including 622 AIDS cases and 291 deaths. Since 1984, there are already 34,999 HIV cases recorded in the country, including 3,174 AIDS cases and 1,822 deaths.