Hoax alert: Text message circulating in Metro Manila warns of suicide bombings in malls

  • A text message is circulating in Metro Manila and in Region 4-A warning of suicide bombings in Metro Manila malls
  • The text message said four women from Basilan flew to Manila to perform the bombings
  • The DND said the text message is a hoax

A text message is circulating in Metro Manila and in Region 4-A warning people to “stay clear off malls in Metro Manila for the time being” as four women from Basilan are planning to stage suicide bombings. The text message said all malls in Metro Manila are now on high alert.

The text message also said that the threat was confirmed by a daughter of Philippine National Police Chief Ronald “Bato” De la Rosa.

The text message, which supposedly came from a certain Stevie of Fil Chi Bike Riders, read:

“Forwarded from another viber grp. Better safe than sorry. This was confirmed by Gen. Bato’s daughter (my officemate from Alveo).

Hello everyone in Manila please stay clear off malls for the time being. We received intelligence of 4 women from Basilan plotting to do suicide bombings in malls in Manila. All malls are on high alert. Thank you.”

However, the Department of National Defense (DND) said the text message was a hoax, as per an article published by Manila Bulletin.

DND spokesman Director Arsenio Andolong said similar text messages has been circulating for some time and were proven to be hoaxes.

“Nevertheless, we take all of them seriously and we will certainly look into this one.  At the moment, however, we have not received any such intelligence report of the planned attacks,” he said.

Stressing that people has no reason to get worried, he said: “As far as we are concerned, business as usual.”


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