Honest homeless man returns wallet with cash inside, gets job and a place to live as rewards

  • A homeless man in Thailand found an expensive wallet with cash inside
  • But instead of keeping the money for himself, he decided to drop it at a police station
  • The surprised owner rewarded him with a job and a new place to stay
Image from Tarika Patty's Facebook post
Image from Tarika Patty’s Facebook post

Here’s another inspiring story of an honest man who gets rewarded for his selfless deed.

A homeless man in Thailand found a Hermes wallet containing THB 20,000 ($578) and a credit card that the owner didn’t even realize was lost.

Despite the large amount of cash for someone who doesn’t have a job and money to buy food, the homeless man named Waralop still decided it would be best to return the wallet to its rightful owner.

He personally dropped the expensive wallet, intact with cash, at a local police station.

When the owner, Niity Pongkriangyos, was informed that his designer wallet had been found, he was surprised to know that he actually lost it.

“I was totally surprised when the police told me they had my wallet as I didn’t even know I’d lost it,” said the owner. “If it was me in that position with no money I probably would have kept it”.

Touched by Waralop’s honesty, Mr. Pongkriangyos rewarded the man with a job at his factory as well as a place to live.