Honest homeless man returns wallet with cash inside, gets job and a place to live as rewards

A new life

According to Pongkriangyos’ girlfriend , Tarika Patty, who shared the story on Facebook, Waralop had been roaming the street for over a year and would use the Huay Kwang MRT station as a place to sleep during the night.

Image from Metro UK
Image from Metro UK

And not only did he get a new job and a home, Tarika also personally accompanied Waralop to shop for new clothes and other necessities so he can start a new life all over again.

“He is well and eating healthy. He was asking if this was all a dream. Haha. Doing good can certainly make one very happy in life,” said Tarika on her latest update.

The story went viral on social media in Thailand and netizens praised the couple for their kindness.

As for Waralop, he is pictured inside his new room sitting on his comfortable bed and smiling at the camera, probably the first time he smiled again genuinely out of happiness in a long time.