In a moment of fun lifting, little girl almost ‘scalped’ with fan’s metal blade

  • Three-year-old Oum Phoeykiln had her forehead sliced open by a ceiling after her dad playfully lifted her up in the air
  • She was rushed to a hospital where doctors refused to attend to her unless the family decided to pay hefty medical fees
  •  Oum underwent treatment for the cut that will leave her scarred forever

Do you lift your child high up in the air? Think again.

Playtime moment between father and child turned into a horrific accident after a father threw his little girl in the air, but unintentionally caused the three year-old’s head to bang into the metal blade of a spinning ceiling fan.

Blood was coming out everywhere after the ceiling fan’s metal blade hit the little girl, Oum, so hard; leaving a huge gash that exposed her skull.

“I was just playing with her at home like we do all the time,” said Em Phoeykiln, Oum’s dad, while recounting the terrible incident.

“But somehow when I was throwing Oum up in the air, her head hit the fan. I wasn’t letting go of her and she was still in my hands. But she just hit the fan,” Em said while shedding  tears.

Oum was rushed immediately to a hospital in Rayong, Thailand where surgeons performed emergency surgery to stop blood from pouring out of a four-inch long cut on the little girl’s head.

The family was charged a total of 69,647 Baht for the emergency operation and one night stay in the hospital.

Since Thailand has a private health care system, the family then started selling their household items to raise the amount needed to pay Oum’s hospitalization expenses.

The family didn’t have medical insurance for their daughter.

Oum has returned home and is better now, Em said, but the scar on her forehead stays for the rest of her life.

“Now she’s smiling again, but we won’t be playing that game anymore,” the remorseful father said.