Indian College Student sliced off her tongue as offering to Hindu goddess

  • Aarti Dubey, 19, fell immediately after cutting off her tongue
  • The priest prayed over her instead of taking her to the doctor
  • Uneducated people are allegedly bound to be superstitious, according to a local journalist

A college student at TRS College in Madhya Pradesh, India, sliced off her tongue with a blade and offered it to Hindu goddess Kali to pacify the deity and grant all her wishes.

The incident happened at a Kali temple in Reeva town located in Madhya Pradesh state.

The priest and fellow devotees present on the temple said Aarti Dubey, 19, fell immediately after slicing off her tongue.

The priest then proceeded to cover her with a scarf and prayed over her until she regained consciousness after five hours, instead of taking her to the doctor.

It was only when Aarti was sent home when doctors did a check-up on her.

“I was right there when the girl cut off her tongue and had it offered to the deity. The goddess is the almighty and she always protects her devotees,” priest Devi Prasad Sharma said.

Aarti’s brother, Sachin, on the other hand, issued a statement to Mail Online, stating her sister told him about a dream in which a goddess demands her tongue as offering to appease the deity.

“It never occurred to me she was serious about doing it. I thought she was just kidding,” Sachin said.

Sachin said he never thought his own college-going sister will turn superstitious in cutting off her tongue.

Local journalist Santosh Mira told Mail Online about incidents of people offering their body parts to the gods, believing that the act would satisfy deities into granting their professed favors.

“What is surprising in this case is the educated. Illiterate people are bound to be superstitious, but when people become superstitious it does not bode well for the whole society,” Mira said.