Iñigo Pascual speaks up on malicious comments on viral photo with dad Piolo

  • A picture of a sleeping Iñigo Pascual hugging his father Piolo became a target of malicious comments online
  • Iñigo chose to shrug off the malicious comments
  • “I don’t get why it’s such a big deal. It’s my dad.” Iñigo Pascual

Iñigo Pascual said he doesn’t get it why people are making negative comments on his photo embracing his dad Piolo.

Power Beats Club quoted him as telling the members of the press during Star Magic’s 24th anniversary pictorial on Sunday, July 31: “To be honest, it’s so funny, I don’t get why it’s such a big deal. It’s my dad. It’s not something to be like, making stories (about).”

The photo was uploaded by Piolo’s longtime personal assistant Moi on her Instagram page a few days ago and has been a target of malicious comments from bashers.

The photo was captioned: “welcome back PapaP”

Both Iñigo and Piolo shared the photo on their respective Instagram accounts.

Iñigo captioned his post: “Haters stay hatin. Thanks for everything pa! Missed you! #Dinaminproblemakungmayproblemakayosapicturenato”

Piolo also shrugged off malicious comments.

He said he hasn’t seen his son for two months and the picture shows just how affectionate they are towards each other.

He emphasized that there’s no need for him to address the malicious comments of other people to their photo because he knows very well that some people tend to be cynical.

Philippine Entertainment Online quoted him as saying in an interview during the “15 Silkamazing Years” event of Silka at Trinoma Activity Center on Saturday, July 23: “Kumbaga hindi ko na pinagtakahan ‘yun. ‘Yun talaga ‘yung nature ng tao eh, mapagmasama, ‘yung mapagduda. My son didn’t see me for two months, you know, so ganun kami. Ganun kami ka-affectionate sa isa’t isa, so mainggit na lang sila, di ba””

[Actually, I wasn’t surprised. That’s simply the nature of people. There’s a tendency to be malicious and cynical. My son didn’t see me for two months, you know, that’s why we’re like that. We’re really affectionate to each other, so let them be envious, right?]