Inspiring: Kind-hearted GrabCar driver drives dialysis patient to hospital free of charge

  • Woman shared inspiring story of man who drove her ailing sister to the hospital for free
  • She said man would not take her sister’s money even after she insisted
  • She also said her sister passed away a few days ago, but was blessed to have met him earlier

MANILA, Philippines – It was an act of kindness that made her sister happy in her last days.

On her Facebook, a certain Divine Lactao Ornum shared how one kindhearted GrabCar driver named Gerardo Amolato Maquidato Jr. touched the life of her sister after he drove her to the hospital free of charge.

According to Ornum, Maquidato drove her sister all the way from their place in Pasay to a hospital in Quezon City last August 18 so she could get her bag of blood in preparation for her next dialysis session.  Upon arriving at the hospital, she received a call from her sister who was crying on the phone.

Ornum’s sister then told she was crying because Maquidato would not accept her fare.

“Sabi nya ‘Nandito na kami sa ospital ate, bakit ganon ‘yung driver hinde kami pinagbayad, sabi ko kuya tanggapin nyo po bayad ko, ayaw talaga te, sabi nya ok na daw.’ Ako bigla speechless, tapos tiningnan ko booking ko hinde naman card ang gamit ko, kaya sabi ko sa kanya baka naawa sayo si kuya,” Ornum wrote.

[She said ‘We are at the hospital now, how come the driver did not allow us to pay, I told him Kuya accept our fare, but he really didn’t want it, Ate, he said it’s okay.’ I was suddenly speechless, then I looked at my booking card but there were no deductions, so I told her ‘Maybe it’s because Kuya took pity on you.’]


In response, Ornum’s sister said she couldn’t believe Good Samaritans like Maquidato exist in this day and age.

“Sabi nya habang naiyak ‘May mga tao pa palang ganon ate, ang traffic pa naman mahigit isang oras byahe namin, tapos di sya ngpabayad’”, Ornum recounted.

[She said while crying, ‘There are still people like this Ate, we traveled almost an hour in heavy traffic but he still didn’t let me pay.’]

Ending her post, Ornum — who said her sister passed away on August 22 — thanked Maquidato for making her sister happy in her last days.

“Salamat po nang marami kuya kahit sa huling sandali ng buhay ng kapatid ko napasaya mo siya kahit papano (my sister passed away this afternoon Aug.22) God Bless you po!!” she wrote.

[Thank you very much Kuya, you somehow made my sister happy in her last moments.]

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