Inspiring Video: Foreignoy Jeff James’ “A Story of Compassion” sends a strong message to everyone

Foreignoy Jeff James is once again touching the hearts of thousands of netizens with his latest inspirational short video
• Jeff James’ humanity video “A Story of Compassion” is based on a true story after meeting the “DF Kalakal Scholars”
• True compassion is helping people to stand on their own and to have a new chance in life

Care enough to listen, love enough to understand.

Foreignoy Jeff James is once again touching the hearts of thousands of netizens with his newest inspirational short video “A Story of Compassion”.

The five-minute short video shows the reality of life for many indigent and homeless children in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world;  wherein finding even a simple meal is a daily dilemma.

What’s more interesting in this video is that Jeff James’ “Story of Compassion” was based on a true story —  or should I say, stories?

You see, a few months ago, Jeff met the “Definitely Filipino Kalakal Scholars” in Gatchalian, Las Pinas wherein most of them were formerly out-of-school children aged 5 to 9 years old who roam the streets looking for items to sell to junkshops.

Amazingly, a solo parent mother took pity on them after she learns of their pitiful situation and she pledged to help them go to school so they would have a better chance in life.

An afternoon with some of the DF K-Iskolars
An afternoon with some of the DF K-Iskolars

From six indigent scholars in 2011, Mommy Joyce of Definitely Filipino was able to ‘adopt’ more children (now 43) after her initially small act of kindness created a ripple that touched many others — especially those in the DF bloggers community — which made the huge progress possible.

More than the material support given to those kids, Jeff James realized that it’s the unconditional and constant love and guidance they receive from MomJ and her DF team since 2011 which has kept those children inspired through the years.

“You don’t have to be rich to help”

With Mommyjoyce and 3 pioneer DF scholars
With Mommyjoyce and 3 pioneer DF scholars

Jeff was deeply inspired by how  a little help gave these less fortunate youth so much to look forward to. From this, Jeff wanted to create more awareness about compassion.

Through a video, Jeff portrayed how people usually think that they are doing good just because they go to church every Sunday, but they curse and hate the dirty street kids who beg for money.

In the short film, the American singer brings attention to the deeper  understanding of the word compassion — which  means “to seek other people’s suffering and do something about it. The difference that compassion makes is not just to feed you, but to teach you how to feed yourself”.

Like what happened in the video, God will reach out to us in different ways  for us to have that discernment and a change of heart and to have compassion for everyone. We may not be aware how small things can usually affect a person’s life big time.

Jeff further brings focus to this great truth: Love is shown through giving, not what you give out of convenience but what you give out of sacrifice.

If ten people will help one child each, then it will be ten children that will be saved and be given a new chance in life. Just one child each. How much more if a hundred or thousands would help?

Let’s watch this very inspiring story: