Iraq to hang 36 ISIS jihadists who took part in the massacre of 1,700 Iraqi soldiers

  • The Iraqi government will execute 36 ISIS jihadists over the massacre of 1,700 soldiers in 2014
  • Iraqi President Fuad Masum approved the death sentence of the jihadists by mass hanging
  • Human rights groups are protesting the Iraqi president’s decision

Despite protests from human rights groups, the Iraqi government will hang thirty-six Islamic State jihadists for the 2014 massacre of 1,700 soldiers in Camp Speicher in Tikrit.

Iraqi President Fuad Masum announced the approval of the death sentence for the jihadists by mass hanging that will be carried out within this week.

The human rights advocates, who criticized the Iraqi president’s decision, said the condemned ISIS jihadists confessed to the crimes being attributed to them because they were tortured and were not given access to legitimate legal assistance.

In June 2014, the terrorist group captured Tikrit and took thousands of soldiers, mostly Shia military cadets, in Camp Speicher as prisoners. The miliants published propaganda videos showing men being forced to lie on the ground before being peppered with bullets.

Some soldiers who survived the ISIS onslaught told horror stories of how their colleagues were rounded up for slaughter.

Laura Connor of Mirror wrote in her article dated August 16, 2016, that ISIS militants herded thousands of men into several military trucks and told them they would be returned to their respective families, but instead they were taken to a nearby riverbank, lined up and mercilessly shot at close range.

 The Iraqi forensic teams described how they wept after discovering the mass grave and exhuming the bodies of the slaughtered soldiers last year.



  1. These human rights advocates seem sympathetic to these murderous monsters so perhaps they may want to join them in “paradise” as well. They have no scant regard to the victims at all.

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