Ironic? Woman calls man disrespectful for not giving her his seat in MRT, then shames him on FB

  • Woman posted on her FB a picture of man she described as disrespectful for not giving her his seat in MRT
  • Commenters rushed to the man’s defense, said she should not be so judgmental
  • They also pointed to the irony of her demand for respect when she herself shamed the man online

MANILA, Philippines – The irony is strong in this one.

On her Facebook page, a certain Karla Monique Olandesca is drawing fire from the online community after she posted a picture of a man she described as disrespectful for not giving her his seat while they were riding the Metro Rail Transit.

Ondesca claimed the man just looked at her while she was standing and derided him for his “ungentlemanly” behavior”.

“ShoutOut Nga Pala Dun Sa Lalaki Knina Sa MRT. ( Pauwi Ako Sa Condo. Sumakay Ako MRT mula North Ave. To Araneta Cubao ). Nasa Harap Mo Ko. Ano Manlang Sna Yung Kusa Kang Nagpa-Upo. Pa-Tingin Tingin Kapa. Kala Mo Hindi Ko Nahahalata. Yung Pagiging Un-Gentleman Mo.. Sana Hindi yan Gawin Sa Nanay Mo. Sigurado Naman Matanda Nadin Nanay Mo. At Kung May Kapatid Kang Babae. (Kung Meron Man )”, she wrote.

[A shoutout to the guy at the MRT. I was going back to the condo. I rode the MRT from North Avenue to Araneta Cubao. You were in front of me. It would’ve been nice if you offered me your seat. You were just looking at me. You thought I wouldn’t notice your being ungentlemanly. I hope you wouldn’t do that to your mother. I’m sure your mother is already old. And also to your sisters, if any.]

Ending her post, Onlandesca spewed even more vitriolic at the man.

“Kung Ano Yung Kina-Pangit Ng Mukha Mo.. Yung Din Kina-Pangit Ng Ugali Mo. Bagay Na Bagay yung Mukha Mo Sa Ugali. Perfect Combination Pare! Haha!”

[How ugly your face is, that’s also how ugly your personality. Your face matches your personality. Perfect combination.]

In the comments section, many called out Olandesca for being unladylike herself in shaming the man. They said it was ironic for her to demand respect when she herself was disrespecting the man with her post.

Many also told her not to be judgmental, saying the man could have been tired or not feeling well.

In her response, a defiant Olandesca insisted that real men should respect women. She also told detractors she had right to post whatever she wants since it’s her Facebook account.

“So i can post what ever i want. Agree or not. I don’t care. Though, i still respect your opinion. If you don’t want my post.. You can leave.. Jusy unfriend or block,” she wrote.

One commenter however, warned her that she may find herself facing cyber-libel for what she did.

“Yeah it’s your account.. aaand it’s also his right to file a complaint and ask for damages if he wishes to.. i’d tread in shallow waters if I were you,” the commenter said.

Image from Monique Olandesca's Facebook page
Image from Monique Olandesca’s Facebook page
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  1. Kapal ng mukha mo Karla Monique Ondesca! Senior citizen ka na ba? May sanggol ka bang bitbit? Buntis ka ba? May kapansanan ka ba? Kung hindi, WALA kang karapatan para laitin yun lalaki, pareho lang kayong nagbabayad ng pamasahe! Nakakahiya ka, I hope you get sued for cyber-bullying! Ang mga modern Filipina, hanap equal rights, gusto palaging tratuhing prinsesa kahit ugaling mangkukulam! I hope you get sued!

    Ako mismo, marami ng beses pinagbuksan ng pinto, pinaupo, inalalayan total strangers na babae…di hamak MAS MARAMI hindi marunong magsabi ng thank you. I still do it because I was raised that way, pero hindi ko masisisi ibang lalaki kasi mas bastos pa kayo!

    Some women say chivalry is dead, it’s because women like you killed it!

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