James Reid supports war against drugs, is willing to take drug test as an example

  • Actor supports the government’s anti-drug drive
  • He said he’s okay with celebrities undergoing drug tests, is willing to take the test for himself
  • He also said he has nothing to be afraid of because he’s clean

MANILA, Philippines – In support of the government’s ongoing campaign against drugs, actor James Reid said he is okay with the idea of celebrities undergoing drug tests to prove they’re clean.

The actor said he himself would also be willing to undergo a drug test if he’s required to.

“I guess it’s all for the better, so I don’t see any problem with that,” he told ABS-CBN. “Me? I love going to festivals, I love partying. I guess I have nothing to be afraid of if I don’t do anything wrong.”

At the same time, Reid said he supported fellow actor Robin Padilla’s view that celebrities who are known drug users be given the chance to talk to the authorities first before having their names published.

“I think Robin Padilla already spoke out, saying na to think about talking to them first before, like, ruining people’s lives. I think, yeah, I’m more in favor of that,” he said.

In an earlier interview, Padilla said his peers who are drug users can still reform themselves.

“These people are taxpayers, and they also obey the law. I’m sure that whatever mistakes they might have committed could be sorted out in a more diplomatic way,” he said.

At the same time, Padilla said his view does not extend to those who push drugs in the industry.

 “I am not talking about the pushers— they don’t have a place in this industry. I’m more concerned about the users, because I know that they are the victims here,” he said.



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