Jason Francisco deletes posts about split with Melai Cantiveros

  • Jason Francisco deleted his IG posts about his separation with Melai Cantiveros 
  • He also changed the username of their daughter’s IG profile from “@babymelafrancisco” to “@papalovemela”
  • He expressed how much he misses his daughter

MANILA, Philippines – Jason Francisco deleted his open letter on Instagram talking about his confirmation of his split with his wife, Melai Cantiveros.

His deleted series of posts, which he shared on the Instagram account of their only child Amelia “Mela” Lucille last July, disclosed that their falling out began after Melai accepted the series “We Will Survive”.

He said they had an agreement that Melai won’t have a loveteam partner in the series. Based on what Melai told him, he was made aware that his wife will only have an onscreen partner for the pilot week and after that, the story will revolve around the friendship of the characters played by Melai and Pokwang.

He said that almost two months had passed before he knew that the storyline of Melai in the series was changed and she will be paired with someone.

Jason said he felt betrayed and because of this, they started giving each other the cold shoulder and he began sleeping in another room. He shared that the two of them were fighting almost every day as well.

As a husband, Jason said that it’s normal for him to be jealous even if it’s just work.

He said he really felt depressed over what happened because he lost his beloved wife.

“Nagkahiwalay po kami. Wala na po ang Melason,” he wrote.

[We already separated. There’s no more Melason.]

Aside from his deleted posts, people also noticed that Jason changed the description of their daughter’s Instagram profile, which now read: “Baby Mela and Papa Jason  Father and daughter love  My smart and beautiful baby , my forever love, always in love to each other”.

He also changed the username from “@babymelafrancisco” to “@papalovemela”.

In his recent posts, the actor expressed how much he misses his daughter.

According to reports, Jason went back to his hometown in Mindoro.

As for Melai, she is still hoping they can still solve their marital problems and get back together. She called Jason her greatest love and destiny.