Justin Bieber bashed by fans for lip-syncing at a concert due to a hangover

  • Justin Bieber was bashed by fans for lip-syncing during his performance at V Festival in England
  • Bieber admitted to the audience that he was feeling hungover
  • Bieber was seen partying with concert co-headliner Rihanna the night before 

Fans took to social media to rant about Justin Bieber and his alleged “miming” during his headline performance at V Festival at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, England on Saturday, August 20, which left fans utterly disappointed.

The 22-year-old pop star earned the ire of his own fans when he was caught lip-syncing and was booed during his supposed live performance.

“He put the mic down, had a sip of water while still singing. How did he do that?” a fan told BBC.

The upset concertgoers did not mince words when they took their disappointment to Twitter.

“Nah @justinbieber is miming at V Fest. I ain’t paid £80 for a ticket to his tour to listen to his CD and see him run around the stage,” one wrote.

Another tweeted: “Loved #VFestival, but #JustinBieber was the worst performer I’ve ever seen live- miming 95% & terribly. Lazy, disappointing & insulting.”

“I’m a little hungover, I’m not gonna lie,” Bieber opened up to the crowd. ” You guys don’t like to fake anything in the UK, which I respect.”

The ‘Love Yourself’ singer was seen leaving a London nightclub at 5 am on Saturday morning after partying with fellow festival headliner, Rihanna, as per an article published by Toronto Sun.

The pop star went on to make a lengthy speech on-stage: “Who here values their life? Growing up we go through periods where we don’t value life as much as we should.”

“I know I went through a period where I didn’t value life like I should have. Life is a gift – none of us asked to be here – we all have our own problems. I don’t know how you guys felt coming here today and you don’t know how I walked in feeling today but we’re together for a reason,” he continued.

Bieber also shared to his fans that he misses his family while on the road for his ‘Purpose’ world tour.

“I’ve been on tour a long time now – away from my friends and family. It gets tough. Sometimes, you just need ‘Company’,” he said, creatively segueing to his next song.