Lonely old woman adopts dozens of dogs; neighbors all moved out over hygiene problems

  • Old woman lives alone in a small apartment, making her ends meet by collecting garbage every day and has nothing left but her adopted dogs
  • Woman actually has a daughter and a 10-year-old grandchild
  • The woman’s love for dogs initially began when her daughter begged Zhang to either buy her a dog or a TV

BEIJING, China – An old woman in China lost all of her neighbors after she adopted dozens of dogs which she found in the streets.

Although adopting dozens of dogs shows love and compassion, neighbors of 78-year-old Zhang one by one moved away due to hygiene problems caused by her huge number of pets in the small apartment. Neighbors of the old woman had to leave their apartments out of fear of possible dog attacks, and likewise, because of the bad smell in the building.

A story by People’s Daily China said that Zhang lives alone in a small apartment and tries to make ends meet by collecting garbage every day. All she has are her adopted dogs, as she discloses that: “These dogs and I are one family. Without them, I don’t know how I could stay alive.”

Zhang actually has a daughter and a 10-year-old grandchild, but they seldom contact nor visit the old woman.

China Plus News mentioned that Zhang’s love for dogs started from her daughter, who, when she was a little girl, desperately begged her to either buy a dog or a TV.

Since a dog was cheaper than a TV, she decided to get a dog for her daughter. But years afterwards, her daughter got married and moved away, but the dog remained with her.

Online users were touched by the story of the old woman and her great love for the animals.

“Poor lady! She may be an animal hoarder who would benefit from counseling and support. The other way around this would be to open a dog refuge, but she would need funding and a more suitable environment,” said by Facebook user L. Milton.

Another Facebook user O.V. Philips said, “For the love she had for her daughter she kept the dog till time and I believe she still remembers the love her daughter had for dogs that motivated her asking her mother to buy it.”

“China is catching up to the rest of the world in the treatment of domestic animals, but it’s a slow process,” said Facebook user Lucie M.