LOOK: Justin Trudeau cooks with Pinoys while wearing barong

  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended a Filipino gathering in Canada wearing a ‘barong’
  • He also joined Filipino-Canadians in grilling skewered treats
  • Trudeau attended the event to promote diversity among his constituents

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is arguably one of the most loved global leaders. After all, he has supported causes such as promoting the rights of the LGBT community and the journalists’ freedom of expression.

And in his latest public appearance, the Canadian leader may have surely captured the hearts of Filipinos in Canada.

Justin Trudeau graced a gathering of Filipino Canadians on Saturday, August 20, wearing a – guess what – a barong Tagalog!

Photos of him with the Filipino community were posted on his official Facebook page with the caption: “Serving up a Taste of Manila with Toronto’s Filipino community today. Mabuhay!”

Trudeau even got his hands dirty as he grilled skewered treats with the Filipinos. Barbecue and other grilled snacks are favorite street food in the Filipino culture.

The Prime Minister said he attended the event to promote respect for diversity in his constituency.

“We all understand that our differences are a source of strength, not a source of weakness. When we learn from our neighbors, when we get to know different cultures and different stories and different backgrounds, our communities get richer, our communities get stronger, and the future that we build for our kids gets better and better,” Rappler quoted Trudeau.


Image from Justin Trudeau's Facebook Page
Image from Justin Trudeau’s Facebook Page

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