Look! This kitten is just too relieved to have a ‘huge painful obstruction’ pulled off her nose [Who wouldn’t be?]

As you watch this vid, you’ll find yourself feeling relieved, too! That’s a promise.

If you’re a pet owner, you know just how hard it is to discern how ill our pets are or how bad they could be feeling. That’s why we have the vets.

Well there’s this one kitten who developed a truly swollen nose which is obviously causing great discomfort to this furry pet. As expected, the caring owner becomes agitated, too, for lack of knowledge about handling their pet’s illness.

So go to the vet they did, and it turns out that the swollen nose is far from being due to a bad cold.

The owners, who were reportedly from Nebraska, were so dumbfounded over the horrific discovery of what’s causing distress to their kitten.

Dr. Farrington, the veterinarian who looked into the kitten’s nose, found the culprit and gently pulled it out the pet’s nostril.  A cuterebra larva!

The doctor explained that the kitten probably had an open wound on her nose which made her vulnerable to the parasite who chose to make her nose its home.

A cuterebra larva is a parasite that infests small animals when they spend a lot of time outdoors.

You’ll see in the 46-second video below that the kitten is in pain and you might wonder if no sedative was used to spare the animal from pain. The answer is no —  as it might be too strong for the tiny kitten and accidentally stop its heart.

Anyway, as the vet succeeds in drawing out the now huge larvae, the family who took the clip can be heard saying: “ohhh Poor baby kitten. That is huge!”

Because the ‘occupant’ had grown much bigger than the “house”, the kitten’s nostril ended up stretched out. But no worries, says the vet, as her nose will return to normal in good time.

Take note, pet owners!

Watch this and feel relieved, too!

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