Malacañang reminds Trump the praises he heaped on PH: “You said Philippines was a special place”

  • PCO Secretary Martin Andanar reminded Donald Trump of the praises he heaped on the Philippines a few years back
  • Trump said in 2012 that the Philippines is a “special place” and that Manila is one of Asia’s most spectacular cities
  • At a rally in Maine on August 4, Trump lumped the Philippines among “terrorist nations” whose people he said should be barred entry to the United States

A Malacañang official chided Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for lumping the Philippines among “terrorist nations” whose immigrants should not be allowed entry to the United States, and reminded him of the praises he heaped on the country a few years ago.

Presidential Communications Office Secretary Martin Andanar said Mr. Trump’s anti-immigration speech during a political rally in Portland, Maine on Thursday, August 4, warning that immigrants from “terrorist nations” including the Philippines, could create a potential pool of recruitments for “Islamic terror groups”, was unfortunate and contradicted his earlier statement praising the Philippines as a “special place.”

“In fact, Mr. Trump has even professed his love for the Philippines during the launch of his 57-storey luxury apartment in Makati,” Andanar added.

“He did say, ‘I’ve always loved the Philippines. I think it is just a special place and Manila is one of Asia’s most spectacular cities.  I know that this project (Trump Tower) will be second to none,'” the PCO secretary quoted Trump’s statement made during the launch of the 57-storey Trump Tower in Makati City in 2012.

The construction of the Trump Tower is expected to be finished within this year.

As mentioned in Politiko, Secretary Andanar assured that the Philippines is one with other countries in fighting terrorism.

“Let it be known that the Philippines and the Filipino people stand in solidarity with other peace-loving countries and individuals in fighting and opposing terrorism in all its forms,” he said.


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  1. as a person who has established ties with the Trump campaign let me say that the referral to the Philippine male , who was legally in the US at the time,.had joined the Taliban in Afghanistan. and promised to kill Americans . Nothing in the address that Donald Trump made secured the Philippines as a terrorized State. No on the contrary Mr. Trump has a soft spot in his heart for the nation which had VA facilities for the Veterans of Foreign Wars unilt the Democrats removed their ability to care for our Service men.. Now Veterans die in the US because There is truly no more Veterans Administration. It was gutted by every ones friend Barrak Hussein Obama the first Muslim President in the United States History. who now flies in ISIS to combat the people of that great nation. The same CIA controlled by the NWO ansd at this time brings ISIS into the Philippines which the government will soon have to fight.

    The owners of kicker news? check their pedigree for you will find ownership by those who are married to the New World Order.

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