Mayor Erap orders cops to search and dismantle drug dens in Manila

  • Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada ordered the destruction of all possible remaining drug dens in the city
  • This was made after a drug den was discovered right below a Manila police precinct outpost
  • Barangay chairmen were ordered to serve as “eyes and ears” of authorities against drug operations

Manila City Mayor Joseph Estrada issued an order to policemen to search and destroy drug dens that are still possibly operating in the city.

The order was made after authorities discovered an active drug den under a bridge in the Binondo district following what was supposed to be an ordinary road clearing operation.

“We will thoroughly scour the entire city, every corner, every alley, every bridge, all possible hiding places.  If it’s possible we will turn the city upside down to locate and neutralize these secret drug dens, if there are still any,” Estrada said in a statement, as previously quoted by GMA News.

The city’s Department of Public Safety accidentally discovered a drug den operating under the Muelle de Binondo, which was almost adjacent to the Police Precinct 7 of the Manila Police District (MPD).

Precinct commander Chief Insp. Luis Guisic was immediately dismissed following the discovery of the drug den although the sacked precinct commander insists he had no knowledge of the drug operations that were occurring literally below the police outpost.

The alleged operator of the drug “tiangge [market]”, Robert Regio, was arrested following the raid.

In response to the Mayor Estrada’s orders, MPD director Senior Supt. Joel Coronel said the police will intensify its intelligence operations in the city.

“We will exert all effort to uncover these shabu stalls and tiangges,” Coronel said.

The MPD has now ordered all 896 barangay chairmen to serve as the “eyes and ears” of authorities during the crackdown on illegal drugs in the nation’s capital.