Mayor Espinosa tags senator, PNP officials as among Kerwin’s ‘protectors’

  • Albuerra, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa has named members of Congress and cops as among Kerwin’s alleged protectors
  • He also tagged a senator as one of his son’s ‘drug cohorts’
  • This was confirmed by the Albuerra police chief who claimed he saw Espinosa’s ledger
  • The police official added the senator was a former DOJ secretary

MANILA, Philippines – Fearing for his life, Albuera. Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa has started spilling the beans on several personalities who were allegedly his son Kerwin’s links to the illegal drug trade.

Without mentioning their names, Mayor Espinosa revealed during a press conference on Tuesday that some of his son’s cohorts include police officials and members of Congress.

The teary-eyed Espinosa said his life is now in danger and acknowledged that his world has started to become smaller each day after he was tagged by President Rodrigo Duterte as one of the ‘narco-politicians’.

When asked to reveal Kerwin’s alleged connections to the illegal drug trade as per the affidavit he executed, Espinosa could only say: “May mga members sa PNP… may members ng Kongreso [There are members of the PNP…there are members of Congress].”

Asked if the list include a senator, GMA News’ Joseph Tristan Roxas mentioned in his article that Espinosa simply nodded in agreement.

This was supposedly confirmed by Albuera chief of police Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido who claimed he saw Espinosa’s ledger which has become the basis of the mayor’s affidavit.

“May senador nga. May senador, isa, nakita ko. Dating secretary ng DOJ siguro ‘yun… Nakita ko lang,” GMA News quoted Espenido as saying.

[There was indeed a senator. I saw one senator. Maybe a former secretary of DOJ…I just saw it.)

Finally, the beleaguered mayor renewed his call for his son Kerwin to surrender as soon as possible to save himself.

While neither Espinosa nor Espenido mentioned who the former DOJ secretary was who became a senator mentioned in the mayor’s affidavit, all clues pointed to Senator Leila De Lima.

De Lima has consistently denied allegations that she was involved in the illegal drug trade when she was still the Justice Secretary; saying these were merely accusations in an attempt to destroy her reputation and undermine her job as a senator of the republic.