Metro Manila cops prohibited from scratching body parts, nose picking, taking selfies in public

  • The NCRPO issued a memorandum prohibiting all Metro Manila cops from certain acts while on patrol duty
  • Metro Manila cops are now prohibited from taking selfies, scratching a body part, nose picking, playing online games, standing on one leg, sending text message unnecessarily and loitering in recreational places
  • The memorandum was issued after a number of police officers uploaded their selfies on social media

The National Capital Region Police Office Deputy Director for Operations Chief Superintendent Rolando Nana issued a memorandum to all Metro Manila police officers prohibiting them from certain acts while on patrol that would create negative impressions.

All policemen assigned at the National Capital Region are now prohibited from taking selfies and groufies (group selfie) while in public. The memorandum was issued by Chief Supt. Nana after several police officers uploaded their selfies and groufies while conducting patrol duties on social media.

Aside from the taking of selfies and groufies prohibition, NCR cops are also banned from playing online games (including the very popular Pokemon Go, no doubt), standing on one leg which is deemed as an improper posture, chewing gums, and picking nose in public.

As mentioned in Philstar, Nana also told all NCR police officers not to loiter in theaters, restaurants and other recreational places or sleep, smoke, read newspapers and send text messages unnecessarily.

Nana announced that 85% of the NCR police officers are being deployed on Metro Manila streets in a bid to curb street crimes by increasing police visibility.



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