Mikey Bustos sings ‘You are definitely a Filipino’ if you are doing these things in his parody video

  • YouTube star Bustos shows particular traits of Filipinos in a Meghan Trainor’s “No” parody
  • Bustos mentioned broad nose, pointing with lips, offering food to saints and dwarfs among others
  • Bustos’ video went viral, surpassed 5M views in less than 24 hours

Famous YouTube star Mikey Bustos has once again showed his incredible music parodying skill and video editing prowess plus his nationalism as a Filipino after he recently created and uploaded a video showing how to determine if a person is a Filipino; mentioning distinctive traits of Filipinos.

The video starts with actress, DJ and singer Natalia Moon asking Bustos his nationality. The lady tries to figure out the nationality of the gentleman, but is lost.

Mikey then begins a parody of Meghan Trainor’s hit song “No”  as his way of humorously explaining how to figure out if someone is a Filipino.

As per Bustos’ video – Filipinos speak Tagalog, has a broad nose, eat with so much rice, has a slanted eye slope, point with their lips, the last to stop singing during videoke sessions, skin color like a coco, dance with bamboos, eat halo-halo, etc.

He also mentioned that Filipinos eat adobo, use tabo in taking a bath, eat with hands while grabbing the rice and packing the meat, remove shoes upon entering someone’s house and nagmamano [kisses the hand of elders], uses po and opo, among many others.

Netizens expressed admiration over Bustos’ creativity in expressing nationalism with humor.

“Woke up to Monday morning work blues and saw your video, made the morning brighter with laughter!! Great and funny video, the wooden spoon and fork wall decor lol loved it”

“E kuhang kuha mo Mikey..your best video..really a Filipino pag lumingon sa “oy” at “psst”. Pinoy na pinoy sa “kuyakoy” hahaha. Bahay talaga ng pinoy hindi pwede ipasok ang sapatos…ang sarap kumain ng nakakamay..thumbs up for you Mikey!!!”

[You nailed it, Mikey. Your best video. really a Filipino when you acknowledges “oy” and “pssst”. Kuyakoy is a very Pinoy hahaha. A Filipino home says no to  shoes inside the house. It’s great to eat using your hands.]

“I like the song very much! So FILIPINO! I’ll share..coz I’m Filipino! It’s in my nose..and I use po and opo..Yes I’m Filipino, proud of it”

As of posting, the video has already earned more than five million views and more than 155 thousand likes.