Mocha Uson addresses BOC “appointment” issue

  • Mocha Uson has released a statement addressing her ‘appointment’ to BOC as consultant
  • Earlier, Customs chief Nicanor Faeldon said Uson was named as BOCs ‘social media consultant’
  • The BOC immediately clarified in its Twitter account Faeldon will no longer appoint Uson
  • Uson said there was never any official appointment and that she offered her services for free

MANILA, Philippines – Popular blogger/dancer Mocha Uson has finally released a statement regarding her supposed appointment as Bureau of Customs (BOC) ‘social media consultant’ by Customs chief Nicanor Faeldon early Monday.

In the ‘MOCHA USON BLOG’ she maintains on Facebook, Uson narrated she went to meet Faeldon sometime this week to raise with the Customs head some concerns she received from people regarding the past administration’s shortcomings.

It was during the interview that Faeldon articulated the agency’s need for support and cooperation from the different sectors of society, including the social media, to disseminate information and programs that the BOC is planning to implement.

Uson said she offered her services in exchange for nothing.

“…sinabi ko na handa po akong tumulong nang walang kapalit na sahod, title or official position,” Uson wrote. “Dahil naniniwala ako na hindi lamang po si Pangulong Duterte ang magdadala ng TUNAY NA PAGBABAGO sa ating bayan.”

[…I said I’m willing to help in exchange for nothing – no salary, title or official position. Because I believe that it is not only President Duterte who can usher real change for our country.]

Image capture of Mocha Uson's blog via Facebook
Image capture of Mocha Uson’s blog via Facebook

Uson reiterated there was never any official appointment for her to become a ‘social media consultant’, contrary to earlier reports.


[I will repeat, there was no official appointment that happened at the BOC. It was only some individuals who gave color to the issue.]

In its article on Monday morning, ABS-CBN News said Faeldon has appointed Mocha Uson to the position; sparking controversy on social media.

“Uson will not be paid for her services and will not be appointed in an official capacity, Faeldon told ABS-CBN News by phone,” the ABS-CBN News article read.

The BOC immediately clarified on its Twitter account that Faeldon “will not appoint Mocha Uson as BOC Social Media Consultant but she can write articles about BOC on her blog.”

Uson’s appointment also became a hot topic on social media, with the hashtag #DutertePleaseAppointMe trending on Twitter following a slew of hilarious tweets parodying the issue.

Mocha Uson is also a singer and model and is the lead vocalist of the all-girl sexy group Mocha Girls.

She campaigned hard for President Rodrigo Duterte in the last national election and was figured in a number of verbal clashes with Duterte critics on social media via her “Mocha Uson Blog” which has nearly 4 million followers on Facebook.

Read her full statement HERE.


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