Netizen searches for owner of pay envelope he found with cash inside, finds him via FB

  • A netizen found a pay envelope with cash inside
  • He said the money could be the salary of a man since he found it on month end
  • The envelope does not have any ID except for the payslip
  • He finally found the owner after a few days after sharing the story on Facebook

MANILA, Philippines – Here’s another heartwarming story that will restore our faith in humanity, and on social media.

On July 30, one Joselito Advincula Cinco shared photos of what looked like a pay envelope with wads of cash inside.

According to Cinco, he found the brown envelope but there was no identification papers inside except for the payslip. Since he found it on month end, he assumes the money must have been the salary of the owner.

However, he did not disclose the details how and where he found the money. Also, the sharer did not reveal how much money was inside but the pay slip in the accompanying picture showed a certain amount.

He then asked his Facebook friends to share the photos until it reaches the rightful owner.

“Mga friend paki share nman ito kawawa un may ari mukhang kasasahod palang napulot ko lang walang id pero may pay slip,” he captioned his post.

[Friends, please share this. It seems the owner has just received his salary and lost it. I found it but there was no ID except for the payslip.]

His post had been shared more than 28,000 times in just 4 days.

On August 1, Cinco said he finally found the owner and has returned the money to him. He named the man as ‘Tolits De Lima’.

Because of his honesty, the sharer earned praises from his friends; complimenting him for the “good job”.

Needless to say, such act of kindness is rarely seen nowadays, so kudos to you, Mr. Cinco, for your exemplary honesty and for taking the time and the extra effort to look for the owner. Good job, indeed!

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  1. Dumami pa sana ang mga kagaya mo, Mr. Joselito Cinco!
    Mabuhay ka at paghanga sa iyo at sa iyong mga magulang!

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