No involvement in Duterte’s list of ‘narco politicians’ preparation–PDEA, NBI

  • PDEA and NBI deny their involvement in the preparation of Pres. Duterte’s list of alleged “narco-politicians”
  • The two agencies were asked by Kabayan Rep. Harry Roque in a congressional hearing held at the House of Representatives
  • Roque expressed alarm over the information gathered from the two agencies

Both the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) denied involvement in the preparation of President Rodrigo Duterte’s list of politicians allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade.

No-less than Kabayan Rep. Harry Roque asked PDEA Director General Isidro Lapeña if the agency or the NBI had inputs in coming up with the list of so-called “narco politicians” during a congressional hearing at the House of Representatives, an article published by GMA News Online stated.

“Did the PDEA, the NBI, or PNP have inputs in the shaming and naming practice of the President, specifically as to such personalities as Leila de Lima? Did you actually give evidence to the President that became the basis for his statement that Senator Leila de Lima is involved in the drug trade as far as Muntinlupa is concerned?” Roque was quoted asking in which Lapeña replied with: “No, your honor.”  

On the part of the NBI, lawyer Henry Canapi stressed the bureau likewise did not have any involvement in the preparation of Pres. Duterte’s list.

As such, Canapi disclosed there has been no such request in their agency nor did they submit any subject personalities or politicians reportedly involved in the illegal drugs trade .

Cong. Roque further asked the PDEA director general if the agency was consulted before the President revealed the names of alleged drug coddlers. Lapeña responded with : “PDEA is [a] recipient of information on matters relating to drugs, your honor. And this came from different intelligence communities, different intelligence agencies, which are validated… it comes from the regional level.”

Admitting that PDEA gave its inputs on any of the names Duterte mentioned on his list, Lapeña, however, claimed he was unsure on whether other agencies have been advising the President on the alleged coddlers of drug traders in government.

Hearing the responses of Lapeña and Canapi, Roque expressed alarm over the information gathered during the congressional hearing.

Roque then vowed to raise the subject of Duterte’s “narco list” when the House appropriations committee deliberates on the Office of the President’s proposed budget for 2017.

“You know, your answers scare me because I really thought that when the names were read, they were really based on evidence given by competent agencies and here I am being told basically the answer is ‘no,’’ Roque was quoted as saying.

In stating his views, Roque pointed out that Sen. De Lima should answer allegations that she is involved in the illegal drug trade.

He further said it is also important that the public knows where the President is getting the information on the alleged drug coddlers.



  1. you tell that to Villegas! instead of preaching not to hate and being constructive, as what you did and what we expect church leaders to do, he settled for the opposite, a divisive “this will not bring peace”, and nothing more.

  2. It is well to remind the good archbishop that the Bible in amos 5:15 tells us to “hate evil, love good,…”And that man was the author and creator of the evil that was martial law.

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