Norway couple discovers bizarre creature outside home

  • The bizarre, amphibian-like remains discovered in central Norway
  • Experts think that it looks like undigested body of  a frog or a toad
  • Many users reportedly think it could be the remains of a deer, caribou or moose, while others wondered whether it’s the remains of a bat

TYDAL, Norway – A bizarre, transparent, amphibian looking like creature was discovered outside a cottage in Norway and has horrified a couple recently.

The gruesome images have emerged on social media and have sparked an investigation into the animal’s unknown origins.

Karl Ingar Fossbakkens has told how his horrified wife discovered the creature outside their home in Tydal, central Norway.

“It was my wife who found it. She asked me to go out and remove it because she thought it was nasty. But I had to take some pictures of it first,” said 51-year-old Karl.

“It’s taken off completely online and I have received many inquiries,” he added.

The creature, which looks transparent and is about 10-inch long, has left the couple scratching their heads because of confusion as to what animal category it belongs.

An article by Mirror Co UK said that animal experts are weighing in to know the origins of the creature, and the absence of experts’ verdict has sparked debate among the social media users.

Many social media users think it could be the remains of a deer, a caribou or moose while some are thinking that it could be the remains of a bat.

Hayley Richardson mentioned in his article for The Sun that Agder Nature Museum zoologist Roar Solheim believed it was probably coughed up by a heron, which had literally bitten off more than it could chew.

“The feet belong to a frog or a toad. As far as I know there is no other animal that has such feet. The hind legs are folded forward, which looks strange,” Solheim said.

“The body and the head look very smooth, and it may indicate that it has been eaten and then regurgitated again,” he added.

He thinks that it has to be the remains of a partially digested giant frog.