NYC Chair Aiza Seguerra to bashers: “Ako na lang ang tirahin, not my wife”

  • Aiza Seguerra learned that it’s better to just ignore bashers
  • She expressed that she doesn’t want to read negative comments against her wife, Liza Diño
  • She said she’d rather want the people to bash her and not Diño

MANILA, Philippines – Newly-sworn in National Youth Commission Chairperson Cariza Yamson Seguerra, popularly known as Aiza Seguerra, knew that when she accepted the post assigned to her by President Rodrigo Duterte, there would be naysayers and she learned that it’s better to ignore the negative comments. However, if there’s one thing that she doesn’t want to read, it’s the negative comments against her wife, Liza Diño, who has been appointed as the chairperson of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP).

GMA News Online quoted her as saying: “Sa totoo lang sabi ko nga, ako na lang ang tirahin not my wife. Sa kaibigan na lang ako nagra-rant. I rather not…doon ako naapektuhan.”

[To be honest, I’d rather want them to bash me and not my wife. I usually rant to my friends. I rather not, that’s when I really get affected.]

Both Seguerra and Diño have been appointed for a three-year period in their respective government posts.

In her previous interview, the singer-actress already addressed the criticisms thrown by people towards celebrity Duterte supporters like her. They’re accused of being not qualified to be given government positions and they were just appointed because they supported the president.

“Hindi ko rin masisi ang (I can’t blame the) netizens on why they think that way. Pero lahat tayo (But all of us), we deserve a chance to show what we can do. And sana alam ninyo na (And I hope that you all know that) we are not here for anything else but because we want to help, we want to do things for my countrymen,” she said.

She also promised that she will do her best to help President Rodrigo Duterte achieve his goal of giving a voice to the marginalized groups in our country, including the Lumad and the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community.




  1. Aiza, you can call her “wife” kung nasa lugar kayong kinikilala ang same-sex marriage.
    Pero dito sa Pinas, non-existent yan kaya sex/bed partner lang kayo. Kaya don’t insist on anyone to recognize and address your partner as your wife.

    Wala ka pang napapatunayan sa public service, iwasan munang maging hambog!
    Umayos ka!

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