NZ police officer allows young daughter to hunt deer and eat its heart as part of ritual

  • Johnny Yuile, a man from New Zealand, has shared a Facebook photo of his daughter biting a deer’s heart after they went hunting this month
  • The little girl used her father’s rifle to gun down her first hunt, the deer from 40 meters
  • The photograph post has received mixed responses from online users on social media

WAIROA, New Zealand – A police officer from New Zealand proudly posted pictures of his eight-year-old daughter eating the heart of her first deer kill and now receiving mixed reactions from online users on Facebook.

The father, Johnny Yuile, who is a constable of New Zealand police, took his daughter on a hunting trip in a bushland at Makapua Station in Hawke’s Bay earlier this month.

It was the first kill of the young girl while hunting with her father. The father later shared a photograph of his eight-year-old daughter taking a bite out of the warm quivering heart – a hunting ritual to honor someone’s first deer kill.

An article by John Shammas for Mirror Co UK said that the little girl used her father’s Remington 7mm-08 rifle while standing up to 40 meters from her target, to gun down the young stag.

“Check out my little pink ninja princess Chloe with her first deer – a young stag. Shot in a bush block on a friend’s farm last weekend,” the father wrote in his Facebook post.

The post is creating social media outrage while some people are congratulating the young girl on her first hunt.

“This is just the first time she has shot a deer. She’s been coming out with me since she was eight months’ old with a front pack,” the post said.

“She loved it. There was a bit of walking for her. We stayed the night and got up early and hunted most of the day,” he added.

“I thought it was really cool because I like hunting with my dad and we can get some meat for my family,” the daughter said affirmatively about the hunt.