Ogie Diaz twits ‘networking people’ who brag on social media to lure prospects

  • Ogie Diaz has called on ‘networking people’ who brag about expensive cars on social media
  • The comedian said these people should come up with more realistic and creative means to convince prospects
  • He also suggested they should prove that they have really become rich from the MLM by taking prospects to expensive restaurants rather than coffee shop or fastfood

MANILA, Philippines – Comedian-host Ogie Diaz has called on ‘networking people’ that has now become ubiquitous on social media following the proliferation of the so-called ‘multi-level marketing’ or MLM.

In his viral post, Diaz scored some of these ‘networking people’ for posting pictures of their luxurious cars which they supposedly claimed are the fruits of their hard work.

The comedian said they need to think of more authentic and creative ways to lure prospective clients into their business, rather than simply posting ‘selfies’ of their Porches or Ferrraris or Maseratis.

“Yung rehistro niyan na nakapangalan mismo sa inyo ang ipakita nyo, wag yung sume-selfie lang kayo katabi ng sasakyan para mas maniwala yung mga prospect downlines nyo na kayo ang rightful owner,” Diaz wrote.

[You should show the registration of these cars under your name, not just ‘selfies’ with you standing beside them for your prospect downlines to believe that you are the rightful owner.]

Diaz said he finds it very unpractical, if not unbelievable, that most of the networking people would prioritize buying expensive cars over – say, house and lots or condo units – unless they are indeed earning millions.

Image capture of Ogie Diaz's Facebook post
Image capture of Ogie Diaz’s Facebook post

“Unahin nyo ang bahay dahil mas nag-a-appreciate ang value nyan yan kesa sa sasakyan. Nang sa ganon, ma-inspire nyong mag-join ang mga tao dahil magkakabahay sila, hindi magkakaroon agad ng magarang tsikot,” he said.

[You should prioritize buying a house as its value appreciates compared to cars. In that case, you can inspire other people to join because they can finally buy their own houses, not cars, from their earnings.]

He also urged those trying to convince prospects to invite the latter at fine dining restaurants, and not at a coffee shop (where only coffee is served) or at fastfood outlets, since it is them who are announcing to everyone that they have become rich, in the first place.

Finally, Diaz said he hopes that ‘networking people’ won’t get him wrong over his suggestions and ended his post in jest, saying: “Tulad na rin ng lagi nyong tanong….Openminded naman siguro kayo, di ba?”

[Just like your usual question, you are open-minded as well, right?]

Read Diaz’s full post HERE.

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