Partner of slain drug suspect to Duterte: Probe those who judge, kill with cardboard justice too

  • Slain drug suspect’s live-in partner appealed to the president to probe drug-related killings too
  • She admitted he was a drug user but not a pusher and even voted for Duterte
  • She also shot back at his accusers, saying he should have been given a chance to clear his name  

MANILA, Philippines – The live-in partner of the slain drug suspect who was mentioned in President Rodrigo Duterte’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA) has this appeal to the Chief Executive: probe those who judge and kill with ‘cardboard justice’ too.

Speaking up for the first time since the death of her partner Michael Siaron, Jennilyn Olayres appealed to Duterte to also investigate the rise of drug-related killings in light of his campaign against the illegal drug trade.

“President Duterte hates pushers. I hope he himself will investigate the killings of people who have been judged with a cardboard,” she told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

While admitting that her husband — a pedicab driver — was a user, Olayres denied he was a pusher as evidenced by their hand-to-mouth existence. She revealed that her partner even voted for Duterte because he was in favor of his anti-crime platform.

She also shot back at her husband’s detractors who said he deserved it; saying it is easy for them to judge because they are not in her position.

“They’re happy because it hasn’t happened to them. What if they lose a loved one, someone who is not guilty of the offense?” she said.

Olayres added that since her partner cannot speak up for himself since he’s dead, it is up to her to clear his name.

“I am not expecting justice for my husband. I know we won’t get that, especially since people believe the cardboards — cardboards that can never prove if the slain person is really a pusher. I just want to clear my husband’s name,” she said.

Siaron was gunned down by unidentified assailants in Pasay City a day before Duterte gave his SONA. In his off-the-script remarks, Duterte blasted media for publishing the photograph of his lifeless body being cradled by Olayres as dramatics.