‘Past Life’: A true ghost love story to be featured in Wagas

  • A true ghost love story will be featured next Saturday, August 20, in Wagas
  • The story is about well-known paranormal expert Jade Martin and her lover in her past life, Scott Daniel
  • Stars Louise Delos Reyes and Bret Jackson will play the role of Martin and Daniel, respectively

Since well-known paranormal expert and life coach Jade Martin shared her story online, a lot of Internet users have been sharing and talking about her blog. Her interesting story: about how she met her lover in her past life again in this lifetime.

And on Saturday, August 20, the story of Martin and the love of her life in a different lifetime, Scott Daniel, will be featured in Wagas.

“Watch my true ghost love story at Wagas 7PM this coming August 20, 2016 on GMA News TV. The official title is Past Life. Starring Louise Delos Reyes and Bret Jackson,” Martin wrote on her Facebook, sharing the video of the episode’s trailer.

The story of Martin and Daniel begin — and started again in this lifetime — in Intramuros, Manila. Coincidentally, Martin is also the person behind the successful Intramuros Ghost Walk.

After undergoing regression, or the process of viewing one’s past life, Martin finally realized why she loves the Walled City so much.

Intramuros ghost

It all started when Martin and her friends went to Fort Santiago last June 5, 2016.

“While three of my teammates were checking The Dungeons, I decided to go to the mass grave and take a shot of it,” she shared.

Martin uploaded the picture to her Facebook Group, Center for Paranormal Studies.

“Some of the members noticed that it was photobombed by a very handsome full-bodied ghost,” she said.

Martin narrated that after taking the photo, she started having dreams in black and white where the man is talking to her.

“In another dream, I saw us walking on the wall and he told me that his name is Lt. Scott Daniel,” sh disclosed.

Intramuros love story

Because of her weird experiences, Martin began asking the help of her friends. Then last July, her mentor, who is a New Yorker, took a short vacation to the Philippines.

“We had lunch and I told him about the ghost and what I’ve been told by the people I consulted. He offered to do a past life regression on me so we can dig the mystery behind this haunting. I agreed without hesitation because there is nothing to lose anyway,” she said.

During the regression, Martin found herself in 1958, or 1968. She was a club singer named Emiliana.

“I was singing the song ‘Ang Tangi Kong Pag-ibig’ one night when Scott, an American soldier who is fulfilling his duty here in the Philippines, caught my attention. I immediately noticed him although he is sitting at a corner because of the way he stared and smiled at me…we had a relationship,” she stated.

After several months, however, Daniel stopped seeing her for no reason.

She was deeply devasted after his disappearance. Good thing she found a new love in the person who was with her all along — Alfonso, the owner of the club who adopted her after she got orphaned by the war.

Daniel eventually returned to fulfill his promise but realized that it was already too late.

“The next day, I saw a number of people gathering around a tree outside Fort Santiago. A man hanged himself there to death. I covered my mouth in astonishment when I saw that it is Scott,” Martin said.

You may read the whole story, as written by Jade Martin, here.

You may also watch the trailer of Wagas’ “Past Life” episode here:

Click the photo to watch the video.