PhilHealth’s rehab package for drug dependents to be launched soon?

  • Philippine Health Insurance Corporation is looking at the possibility to launch the rehabilitation package for drug dependants
  • The PhilHealth eyes to launch the new package this September
  • The health officials are thinking if which of the five stages of drug addiction will be covered

Will the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) have a rehabilitation package for drug dependents soon?

In a press briefing in Pasig City on Friday, August 12, the PhilHealth disclosed that it is looking at the possibility of launching a rehabilitation package for drug dependents, which is being pushed by the Department of Health (DOH), this September.

“When DOH Secretary Paulyn Ubial took office, she immediately issued a marching order to look into the drug rehab packages and has created a Technical Working Group to discuss the package. “Hopefully by September we can already come out with it,” Basa disclosed.

The creation of a new package for rehabilitation of drug dependents, in the eyes of many, is just in time for the influx of surrendering drug users and pushers. To note, thousands of pushers and users have already surrendered to the government since President Rodrigo Duterte took over the presidency. Duterte and his administration are currently conducting an intensified campaign against drugs.

PhilHealth package

Officials, at present, are trying to figure out which of the five stages of drug addiction should  the PhilHealth package cover.

“One thing we are looking at is the pronouncement of Sec. Ubial for the coverage of the intensive cases. Particularly the detoxification or the initial stages of their cravings for drugs, so that we can remove it,” said Basa.

Meanwhile, the PhilHealth official added that they are currently deliberating on whether to include drug rehabilitation centers among their accredited institutions.