PNP Chief castigates “narco cops”, challenges them to a fistfight

  • Police officers named by President Duterte as “narco cops” were berated by the PNP chief
  • PNP Chief De la Rosa threatened to kill them if they will not mend their ways
  • At one point, De la Rosa even challenged the cops to a fistfight

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” De la Rosa castigated several policemen included in President Duterte’s list of narco cops when they surrendered to their commanders on Monday, August 7.

In his invective-laden tirade, he told some 30 police officers of different ranks he will not tolerate corrupt cops who receive protection money from drug syndicates and those who recycle confiscated drugs back to the streets to make money.

De la Rosa threatened to kill them if they will not mend their ways.

“Pulis tayo, p***** i**, nandito tayo para mag-serbisyo pero nangongolekta kayo ng pera mula sa droga. Kayo pa mismo mga tauhan ko magbibigay ng problema ha,” De la Rosa said.

[We are policemen, [expletive]. We are here to serve, but you collect money from illegal drugs. You, my men, are the ones giving problems huh]

“Are you happy with what’s happening? Diyos ko, hindi ako mangingimi patayin ko kayo kung after this, bumalik pa kayo makialam kayo sa droga,” he added.

[My God, I will not hesitate to kill you if after this you go back to illegal drugs trade.]

According to ABS-CBN, the fuming De la Rosa even challenged the “narco cops” to a fistfight if they take offense to his tirades.

“Sino galit sa akin? Sino gusto makipagsuntukan sa akin ngayon? Lalabanan ko kayo,” he challenged the cops.

[Who’s mad at me? Who wants a fistfight with me now? I’ll fight you.]

De la Rosa said as long as he is the PNP chief he will never allow police officers to profit from illegal drugs.