PNP still awaits: Over half of 98 policemen in drug list fail to show up

  • Some policemen will be charged with insubordination and will be declared AWOL
  • PNP continues probe and expects more names in drug list
  • Probe to include retirees, jail and fire personnel

SOME 58 police officers named by President Rodrigo Duterte as suspects in drug trafficking will be charged with insubordination or declared AWOL if they fail to submit themselves for investigation within 11 days.

A total of 98 PNP officers and men were included in the recently issued list of government personnel suspected of being involved in the illegal drug trade, but so far, only 43 of them have voluntarily reported to their mother units or other law enforcement agencies to explain their side.

Their failure to comply with the order of no less than their Commander In Chief is an act of defiance that may be interpreted as admission of guilt, police authorities said.

PNP spokesman Senior/Supt. Dionardo Carlos said the police officers included in the Duterte list  were supposed to report to PNP Headquarters or their mother units within 24 hours after the reading of their names as officially issued by the PNP Internal Affairs Service (IAS).

The IAS, however, said the PNP will still accommodate late surrenderees, if they can provide sufficient reason for their failure to beat the deadline.

“Depende sa paliwanag ng mga tauhan na hindi nakacomply sa 24-hour deadline,  probably ‘yung iba nakadeploy kaya nadelay ‘yung time to report to their supervising officer,” Carlos said as per a GMA story; adding that the number of those who will surrender is expected to increase as soon as the PNP provincial and regional officers start giving full reports on their personnel. [It depends on the explanation of those who have not complied to the 24-hour deadline, perhaps they are deployed elsewhere which may have caused delay in reporting to their supervising officer.]

Carlos said the PNP probe of its own men involved in drugs has not ended, but rather it has expanded in all provincial and regional offices.

He said the IAS is still collecting reports from regional and provincial directors and expects an additional list of more  drug-involved officers and men. “Ito pong mga nirecall [Those who have been recalled] they will undergo debriefing to give information and to be able to get the details against these personalities mentioned by the President,” he said.

All PNP officers and men being investigated are required to be confined in a holding unit, their service and private firearms to be confiscated, Carlos said.