Police station commander sacked after discovery of drug den near precinct in Binondo

  • A shanty-turned-drug den near a Police Community Precinct was discovered in Juan Luna during a clearing operation in Divisoria
  • The police station commander of the Juan Luna PCP was sacked on the spot for failure to discover the drug den
  • The operator of the drug den was arrested

A police station commander was relieved from his post after a drug den just below the police community precinct (PCP) in Juan Luna St. in Binondo was discovered.

Chief Inspector Luis Guisic, chief of the Police Community Precinct (PCP) along Juan Luna Street in Binondo, was sacked on the spot by Police Superintendent Amante Daro, chief of Binondo Police, after the discovery of the drug den under a bridge near the PCP.

A shanty-turned drug den was one of the several makeshift dwellings demolished under the Juan Luna Bridge during a clearing operation in Divisoria conducted by the Department of Public Safety of the Manila City government on Wednesday, August 3.

P/Supt. Daro said the demolition team was able to recover several drug paraphernalia inside the drug den operated by a certain Robert Rehio, who was immediately arrested.

GMA News Online quoted Daro as saying that C/Inspector Guisic should have discovered the drug den because of its proximity to the PCP. Guisic said he failed to notice the existence of the drug den because it was covered by several stores.