President Duterte increases budget to fund war on crime

  • President Duterte said the government will spend more on its campaign against criminality
  • The proposed 2017 budget for the PNP will be 24.6 percent higher than the 2016 budget
  • The proposed budget will be used to buy more guns, hire more officers and for raising their salaries

President Rodrigo Duterte, in announcing the P3.35 trillion proposed 2017 national budget late Monday, August 15, said he will increase the budget for peace and order.

As mentioned in a Rappler story, President Duterte, who was swept to landslide election victory on May 9 this year on the strength of his campaign promise to suppress criminality and illegal drug trade, said he will double or even triple his administration’s efforts to bring drug pushers and crime syndicates behind bars as well as put a stop to terrorism.

Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno said the proposed budget for the Philippine National Police, which is in the forefront of the Duterte administration’s war on crime, is P110.4 billion or 24.6 percent higher than the 2016 budget.

“The police budget will increase by 24.6 per cent, to 110.4 billion pesos, with the money to be spent on hiring more officers, raising their salaries and buying them more guns,” Diokno said.

No details of the president’s promise to raise the pay of policemen and soldiers were mentioned during the announcement of the proposed 2017 national budget.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines will get P130.6 billion, a 15% rise from 2016 budget, to intensify its counter-terrorism efforts, while the judiciary, is allotted P32.5 billion, equivalent to an increase of 21.5% from 2016, to help it handle more cases.