President Duterte orders arrest, deportation of ISIS indoctrinators

  • President Duterte directed the military to verify the reported presence of Arab missionaries in some parts of Mindanao
  • The President called the missionaries “ISIS indoctrinators”
  • The Arab missionaries are allegedly spreading the “ISIS disease”

President Rodrigo Duterte has directed the military to check the accuracy of reports about the supposed “Arab missionaries” who are allegedly spreading the “ISIS disease” in parts of Mindanao.

As per an article published by GMA News Online dated August 12, 2016, the President ordered the military to immediately arrest and deport the alleged ISIS indoctrinators once the report about them has been confirmed.

President Duterte made the statement during a press conference on Thursday night, August 11.

Earlier this week, during his visit to the 1st Infantry Division of the Philippine Army at camp Sang-an in Labangan town in Zamboanga del Sur, he said in his speech about the “looming ISIS problem three to seven years from now.”

“In some parts of the island of Mindanao, may taong puti and I suppose mga Arabo na. They are here as missionaries. Wala silay armas [There are white people. I suppose they are Arabs, and they are here as missionaries. They are not armed] but they are here for indoctrination, that’s what I’m afraid of,” he said.

Duterte said the possibility of an ISIS menace in the country should not be taken lightly nor ignored. He said if it is not addressed now, it would become a full-blown terrorism problem.

He likened the Arab missionaries to the communist movements’ political officials who infiltrated communities and brainwashed the residents.

“Like communists, if they have established their influence, then that’s the time their political officers come in,” he warned.