Rio Olympics: Marathon athlete poops, bleeds and collapses, yet stands up again and finishes 50-kilometer race

  • Yohann Diniz, the French athlete came seventh in the 50-kilometer run-walk at the Rio Olympics
  • The athlete suffered bad health, causing him to poop and bleed during the race as he passed the 15km mark of the men’s 50km walk race
  • Yohann showed sportsmanship and continued the race despite his bad health
  • His undeniable grit is winning him fans from all around the world.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – A famous athlete from France and a crowd favorite to win the 50-kilometer Olympic race-walk had to face an unfortunate incident on Friday, August 19 while he was competing with other athletes at the recently conducted Olympics at Rio de Janeiro.

French athlete Yohann Diniz collapsed in the middle of the race because of bad health which made him suffer severe stomach pain as he passed the 15km mark of the men’s 50km walk race.

Beyond just winning or losing, the sportsman’s spirit has won more hearts than medals in this Olympic games at Rio. The French athlete showcased similar valor on Friday during the 50 kilometers race-walk when despite deteriorating health, the champion completed the race at seventh place.

Footages of the race revealed that Yohann was leading at the beginning of the race, however, as his health deteriorated in the summer heat, he stopped quite a few times before hitting the ground.

An article by The Indian Express said that spectators and viewers have claimed that the sportsman had soiled himself when they spotted liquid running down his legs, while others said that he may have suffered an accident as they thought they saw blood.

Diniz was immediately provided medical help as medics rushed after he collapsed and was seen gasping for breath.

Iris Goldsztajn mentioned in her article for Cosmopolitan that Diniz splashed some water, wiped off the poop and blood that had been all too visibly leaking down his legs with a sponge and then started his race again.

Despite some people making fun of the athlete in the beginning, the world later saluted him for his true vigor and was applauded for continuing the race.

Many people on twitter appreciated the efforts of Yohann who despite the bad situation he was in, completed the race.

A fellow athlete from Ireland, Colin Griffin, tweeted: “Amused the way some people feel qualified to poke humor from the comfort of a keyboard at the difficulties Yohann Diniz had during men’s 50k”

Fran Blandy, a correspondent for AFP in Paris tweeted in praise of Yohann, “Much respect to France’s Yohann #Diniz after a very difficult race walk at the #Olympics – stomach woes, collapse, still finishes 7th!”

His undeniable grit is winning him fans from all around the world.