Taylor Swift kisses oil heir Mike Hess at Karlie Kloss’ party, beau Tom Hiddleston reacts

  • Taylor Swift was seen kissing oil heir Mike Hess at Karlie Kloss’ birthday party in the Hamptons
  • The kiss happened onstage while the pop star was performing with rapper Nelly
  • Hiddleston was filming in Australia but wasn’t bothered by his girlfriend’s behavior  

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have only been dating for 2 months since they went public with their romance in June, with their relationship constantly followed by drama and gossip, and recently, the pop star was seen getting too close with another guy at a party — Does this spell the end to ‘HiddleSwift’?

In a Snapchat video shared by one of the partygoers, Swift was seen giving multi-million dollar oil fortune heir Mike Hess a kiss at the 24th birthday party of Swift’s bff, supermodel Karlie Kloss, in the Hamptons.

The pop star, along with RnB rapper Nelly, performed a duet of the hit 2002 song ‘Dilemma.’ Things took a turn when, during her performance, Swift made her way to Hess planting a kiss on his cheek before stroking his neck, and dancing with him as well.

A source told E! News that Hiddleston was not present at the party and that Swift was “in an amazing mood, and super fun all night. She danced her ass off. At first she didn’t want to perform but then Nelly asked her. Everyone was super into it, the crowd loved it.”

Swift, after the onstage PDA, didn’t interact much with Hess and spent the rest of the evening with Kloss.

Hiddleston is in Australia filming for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ at the time of the party. However, an insider told Hollywood Life that the actor was not worried if his famous girlfriend hangs out occasionally with other guys.

“Tom is more than confident that everything is going very well with Taylor. He doesn’t worry about her going elsewhere,” the insider shared. “Tom trusts Taylor very much!”