The very best: Pokemon Go trainer searches for Pikachu, ends up saving a man’s life

  • Pokemon Go player saved the life of a heatstroke victim he found while playing the game
  • He was looking for a Pikachu outside a hotel when he found the man
  • He applied first aid and called medical personnel for help

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Who knew that playing Pokemon Go can literally save someone else’s life?

Bon Vallite, a computer consultant in Davao City, did just that after he found and helped a man suffering from heatstroke outside a hotel in the city.

According to Vallite, he was out playing the game in search of a Pikachu when he chanced upon the victim he said was vomiting blood and looking frail.

“So it turned out, instead of finding my first Picachu character in Pokemon Go, I find a man looking for help while he was flimsy and later vomited blood,” he said.

Fortunately for the victim who was later identified as Dondie Mark Gadon from Tagum City, Vallite was also a health worker and immediately began applying first aid.

“I gave him water, laid his back to the wall because he was bending downwards to breath comfortably as he kept on vomiting and since I have bottled water with me, I put some to his face to normalize his pressure,” he told GMA News.

While applying first aid, Tallite also called the attention of a nearby security guard and instructed him to call for help. Gadon was later rushed to the Metro Davao Medical and Research Center.

Pokemon Go was launched in the country over the weekend. Authorities have warned players to be mindful of their surroundings to avoid accidents.

Players were also reminded that playing Pokemon Go while driving is a crime under the country’s recently passed Anti-Distracted Driving Law.