These Sailor Moon-themed cosmetics will bring back your childhood memories

  • Sailor Moon-themed cosmetics are available in Japan
  • These are made by cosmetics company Creer Beaute
  • They bring you back to all the childhood memories of role-playing as one of the Sailors in the anime

Do you still remember Sailor Moon and her squad? Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Chibi moon? Well if you do, you’re a certified 90s kid and will surely get excited about these Sailor Moon-themed cosmetics a Japanese brand recently rolled out.

Japan-based cosmetics company Creer Beaute has its very special Miracle Romance line that features all the memorable insignia and symbols from the hit anime 90s kids loved – and probably missing.

One of the most iconic props in the series is Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick, which the beauty brand replicated into a liquid eyeliner for that beautiful wide peepers and a lipstick for that rockin’ pouts.

Image from Creer Beaute
Image from Creer Beaute

There are also these lip glosses masked as Communicator Watch every sailor have in the cartoons.

And of course, the whole Sailor Moon role-playing won’t be complete without the compact the girls flash when they are about to transform from a civilian to their superhero alter-egos. It comes as a compact powder, of course, and also as a blush on.

Itching to buy these items? Cosmo.PH said you can get them at a Japanese online shop Or you can check them out for yourself the next time you’re set to fly to Japan.

Here’s a video blog doing a review of the make up line:

And here’s a video to make you feel nostalgic of the old gang: