This two-year-old girl’s unique rendition of the Alphabet Song has gone viral! Find out why

  • Two-year-old girl catches social media attention for her unique ‘dramatic’ rendition of the alphabet song
  • The video has gone viral on different pages and has been viewed millions of times since its posting
  • Her mother, Christina Ogea, is so proud of her daughter’s innate talent in singing, especially at a very young age 

An adorable two-year-old girl has gone viral after she shared her personal rendition of the Alphabet Song.

Violet Ogea, who was featured by CNN, took her ABCs to the next level by singing it several octaves higher, and in full theatrical style. Her video has been viewed more than three million times since her mom posted it on social media.

The little girl sung to the top of her lungs – seemingly unaware that she is being filmed on cam. Many people were awed because it’s unusual for kids to sing in that manner.

Ogea, showing musical talent at a very young age, even caught the attention of actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Ferguson reposted the video on his own Facebook account.

Netizens applauded the kid; saying she has great potential in Broadway or West End. Some said her singing brings good vibes. However, there were those who expressed annoyance. A number went to her defense though, saying it’s immensely cute to wake up with that every morning.

Christina Ogea, the kid’s mom, told CNN that ‘it’s just the way she likes to sing’.


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