Trending: Donut Wall is now a popular wedding treat

  • A new treat called Donut Wall is now popular on weddings
  • The Donut Wall is unlike the usual wedding treats that are placed on a table
  • The new treat includes creative arrangements of doughnuts on a wall

Are we saying goodbye to the classic white cakes and towers of cupcakes that are usually placed on the dessert table during weddings?

In an article that was posted on Bored Panda, it was disclosed that there is a new wedding treat that is now trending, both on dessert table and on social media — a dazzling display of doughnuts called Donut Wall.

Usually placed beside the dessert table where the wedding cake is, the Donut Wall is not just an additional treat for visitors; it also makes the dessert area an Instagrammable view when photographed. Perhaps, this is the reason why many Instagram users have started loving the Donut Wall.

“Love the donut idea!” wrote Instagram user @tarynnemeth.

“I want this at my wedding,” said @sarahoberbeck.

“I can’t wait to see more photos!” @driscollstrawberry stated.

“Yummy and beautiful!” @lindseywsuggs commented.

“I think we all need a donut wall in life,” wrote @mlm509.

“Now there’s a party I wish I had been invited to. So pretty and I’m a sucker for donuts!” expressed @kimskandykreations.

On the other hand, making a Donut Wall is not that easy — it requires a lot of patience, hard work and creativity.

Good thing, people now a days seem to be creative enough when it comes to food. For instance, the Galaxy Doughnuts that recently went viral on Instagram after it was posted by a user.

Putting the amazing view of the galaxy of stars on doughnuts, Iranian confectioner Hedi Gh made thousands of Instagram people go crazy as they aim to create such.

After a few weeks, someone tried to do it and was able to create some. The Instagram user, Sam Melbourne, posted the recipe along with her own vegan Galaxy Dougnuts; saying she made the galactic treats for her sick boyfriend.

“This is quite hard to explain, but if you’ve ever done marbling as a kid using coloured dye it is essentially the same thing,” wrote Melbourne.

See Melbourne’s procedure in making the Galaxy Doughnuts on Kicker Daily News.