Tribal man carries wife’s dead body on shoulder for 10 kilometers after hospital refused giving transport

  • Tribal man in Odisha walks 10 kilometers carrying wife’s dead body as he failed to get a vehicle from government hospital
  • The poor man wrapped his wife’s body in cloth and started walking to his village 60-km away from the hospital
  • His daughter accompanied him til some local reporters spotted the duo

BHUBANESWAR, India – A poor tribal man, along with his 12-year-old daughter, had to walk around 10 kilometers carrying his wife’s dead body on his shoulder as he failed to get a vehicle to transport it.

Dana Majhi, the poor man who was carrying his wife Amang Dei’s dead body, needed to walk from a government hospital in the backward district of Kalahandi where the wife died.

Majhi’s wife, who was 42-year-old, died of tuberculosis on the night of August 23 at the district headquarters hospital at Bhawanipatna.

The New Indian Express mentioned in an article that as the man failed to get support from the government hospital staff, he decided to transport his wife’s body alone by carrying it on his shoulders to complete the 60-kilometer distance to his village Melghara.

Early on Wednesday morning, the poor man was noticed by a group of local television channel crew while he walking down the road; carrying the dead body of his wife wrapped in a blanket.

“I told the hospital authorities that I am a poor man and cannot afford a vehicle. They said they could not offer any help,” Majhi told the television crew who met him after completing the 10-kilometer walk.

The hospital’s alleged refusal came despite an existing system from the state government for people like Manjhi.

The local television crew immediately called the District Collector Office and arranged an ambulance to carry Majhi for the remaining 50-km journey

An article by NDTV said that earlier this year, the state government had already launched the “Mahaparayana” scheme; offering to transport the bodies of deceased from government hospitals to their homes free of charge.

Under this arrangement, a total of 40 ambulances are deployed at 37 government hospitals. Hence, the alleged refusal of the government staff has come as a surprise.

The ministers of the state have noticed the incidence and asked the local authority to verify and to take appropriate actions.

“As we got to know of the incident, we spoke to the CDMO and arranged for an ambulance,” said Kalahandi District Collector Brunda D.

The officer had issued instructions that the family is provided help under designated government scheme in such situations for the last rites.