Trillanes: Historically intolerant Duterte should get used to criticism

  • Senator said president should realize he can’t suppress criticism nationwide
  • He said Duterte might just be used to no criticism while he was Davao City mayor
  • He also advised Duterte’s aides to chide him when he makes bombastic remarks

MANILA, Philippines – Amid the Senate inquiry on the spate of drug-related killings, staunch Rodrigo Duterte critic Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV said the president should learn to get used to criticism because it would be impossible for him to stifle dissent nationwide.

According to Trillanes, Duterte’s knee-jerk reaction to criticism may stem from his time as mayor of Davao City when he barely had to hear any.

“Historically intolerant si President Duterte sa mga batikos o sa mga sumasalungat na opinion. Kahit nga UN o Estados Unidos ay sinasalitaan niya, kahit sino. Siguro nasanay siya dahil sa Davao wala namang kumukontra sa kanyang administrasyon doon,” he told GMA News.

[Duterte has been historically intolerant to those who criticize or who differ with him on his opinion. Even the UN or the United States has been the subject of his tirade, basically anyone. Maybe he’s used to it because no one opposed his administration in Davao.]

“Walang nagbibigay ng negatibong mga komentaryo sa kanya, so ganoon yung instincts niya. Pero mare-realize niya dito, and sana masanay siya na mayroong ganoon. At the national level, hindi po puwedeng sugpuin ang mga dissenting opinions,” the senator added.

[There’s no one who commented negatively against him, so that’s why his instincts are set that way. But he will realize, and hopefully he will get used to it. At the national level, you cannot suppress dissenting opinions.]

Trillanes also advised Duterte’s aides to advise their boss not to go overboard with his remarks; saying his words are significant especially now that he’s president.

“Kailangan bantayan nila nang maayos, advise-an nila ‘yung presidente na ‘wag mainit ang ulo pagdating sa mga press conference at magsasabi ka talaga nang hindi maayos. President siya eh, every word becomes a policy,” he said.

[They need to watch him, advise the president not to lose his cool and say improper things during press conferences. He’s the president, every word becomes a policy.]


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