Vid gone viral: Lovable beast emerges from a new, hardened Anne Curtis

  • Anne’s improvement after training for a few days
  • Anne as a combat expert
  • Sexy Anne can’t hide beauty

Bulging sinews in a muscular frame, actress and top model Anne Curtis slaves for hours in achieving to fit her role in a new Eric Matti film, “Buy Bust” — a radical departure from the old visage we’ve never seen before. But whether the new, hard Anne Curtis look has blunted the sexy edge of the ravishing beauty, look again.

A Facebook video of Anne, showing abs and all, acquired after long, grueling sessions at Pekiti Tirsia Kali and with the Scout Rangers, went viral last night when it was posted by Erik. It’s a chiseled, lovable beast emerging from a soft, pliant bodice that all the more suffices the screen with raw, naked sexiness.

Anne Curtis is one of the hottest film and television stars in the Philippines today; a mainstay of the highly popular noontime program, “It’s Showtime.” Her many roles in films and telenovela serials on television have almost always exploited her carefree and earthy sexuality, that audiences see everywhere — on screen, publication ad copies and giant billboards splashed all over the country’s metropolis.

Her new film role in the hands of award-winning movie director Erik Matti provides Anne Curtis a rare chance to play a role so drastically different from the vixen-type characters she has so masterfully portrayed in many box office hits in the past.

A grizzled veteran of harrowing combats is the role she portrays; adept in the ancient Filipino martial art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, requiring her to rival if not surpass the strong physicality and skills of mostly male protagonists.

Her standard apparel in the movie are a workout tank top and sweatpants, which, do not hide much the loveliness and sensuality she invariably projects.

She has surprisingly mastered much of the martial art tricks taught her by Pekiti-Tirsia Kali experts; often deviating from the standard and choreographed moves she was initially required to take to heart.

A major part of her training involves the handling of knives in joining the workout routine of Scout Rangers, and mastering the proper way to handle a gun.

In the combat-training sessions, Anne Curtis never failed to amaze her veteran trainers, including Brandon Vera, a former mixed martial arts champion; prompting her director Erik Matti to say, “I admire the hard work and dedication Anne puts in to prepare for her role.”

Watch the video posted on Facebook and be prepared to say “wow!”: