[Video] De Lima rejects House probe invite: Why should I be investigated?

  • Senator nixed attending House probe on drug proliferation in Bilibid
  • She asked why should she be probed since she was the one who first exposed anomalies there
  • She also said House doesn’t a legitimate issue to be taken up in aid of legislation

MANILA, Philippines – Amid the ongoing Senate inquiry into the spate of drug-related killings, Sen. Leila de Lima turned down the lower House’s invitation for her to attend its own probe on the illegal activities taking place in New Bilibids Prison (NBP) during her time as Justice Secretary.

According to the senator, she shouldn’t have to be investigated since she was the one who first exposed the anomalies inside the national penitentiary.

“I was the one who initiated that. Why should I be the one investigated? I was the one who took the initiative to do something.  I was the one who exposed the problems there, and they know I exerted certain efforts, took some steps after discovering all those in Bilibid,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted her as saying.

De Lima added that the House has no legitimate issue to take up on since it already investigated the issues in Bilibid shortly after the series of raids there.

“I don’t think they have a legitimate matter to be a subject of an inquiry in aid of legislation,” she said. “They held hearings on what happened in Bilibid after our raid. The Congressional committee conducted an ocular inspection. So they know why that is happening in Bilibid.”

The senator also maintained her innocence amid President Rodrigo Duterte’s accusations of her being a coddler of drug lords and involvement in Janet Napoles’s pork barrel scam.

“I am sure never involved in drugs, I never benefited with anything from drugs. I am not a protector, coddler or drug lord,” she said. “Who jailed Napoles? Just answer that. That allegation’s too unfair.”